Untitled work by Katie Jenson


The Library Department is now Cedar City's first contact for city involved art displays and exhibitions.


In July 2015, the Heritage Center Theatre and Festival Hall (convention and meeting space) was administratively placed under the Library Department, uniting literary and performing arts together. In preparation for the Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget, Library Director, Steve Decker, submitted a prospectus to Mayor Maile Wilson and City Manager Paul Bittmenn suggesting that the city add a recognized visual arts element and that it too could come under the Library Department, thus merging and expanding the City's art presence and ultimately bringing literary, performing, and visual arts together. The plan was reviewed, refined, and accepted with some modest funding.


Mayor Wilson just couldn't wait to get started. The city's showcase at the municipal airport has been in need of updating. Steve Decker, Library Director, was tasked with a sort of "trial run." He was to update and freshen the tired and outdated airport display case, only about 50 cubic feet of display space. This was completed during the budget process that would eventually lead to more permanent funding  for the concept.

"The Festival City" is proud of our arts heritage and understands that art is at the heart of any viable community.

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